Fly London Yend Wedge Sandal With Laces Green uo49AxcVj

Fly London Yend Wedge Sandal With Laces Green uo49AxcVj
  • Upper: Leather
  • Lining: Leather
  • Outer Material: leather
  • Heel Type: Wedge
  • Sole: Rubber
Fly London Yend Wedge Sandal With Laces Green uo49AxcVj Fly London Yend Wedge Sandal With Laces Green uo49AxcVj Fly London Yend Wedge Sandal With Laces Green uo49AxcVj Fly London Yend Wedge Sandal With Laces Green uo49AxcVj

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About Us

Backbone is focused on the future of the web. We are a fully integrated design and technology company that transforms ideas into future-proof digital experiences and help our clients reach the next step in their digital evolution.

Our services

We believe a business’ digital transformation is a metamorphosis; a change in the form and often the habits of the company. At Backbone, we recognize that change doesn’t start without asking the question, “What do you want to build”? We bring together our people, processes, design capabilities and technology to deliver a framework that can imagine and create your vision. We start by analyzing the project from top to bottom, provide best practices and consultative suggestions, and deliver custom development up to the project launch. From there, we continually engage with you to improve upon your vision, ensuring user engagement through data analytics, business reviews and a constant focus on your success.

Digital transformation

For most companies, digital transformation is now a must in today’s business world. We combine a broad set of capabilities to support all types of transformations using years of experience, customer feedback,and your vision.

We always deliver solutions that are custom engineered on our own in-house technology-EXPRESSION, which is built around our client’s needs, and allows us to create simple, yet powerful digital workflows.

Our goal is to drive never-ending value for you. We’ve transformed account management into a strategic relationship focused on communication, collaborating and discovering your needs.

It all starts with having a conversation online. We bring together digital tools and techniques to find, listen and engage your customers and focus on continuous improvement - before and after your project is completed.

Technology enables companies to revolutionize the way you do business; paving the way for innovation across every process, service, and customer experience. Our technology platform-Expression was designed to drive that change. With Expression, your teams will have the freedom to create, control and deliver amazing digital experiences and rethink how they organize, connect and deliver services in an online-first marketplace.

Our work

Developing a seamless platform for staff and customers, alike.

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Our work

Creating a website with vitality for nature’s own products

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Our work

Redesign and develop a website targeted to a global market

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Our work

Digging deep to deliver excellence

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Our work

A unique digital experience is a necessity not luxury.

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Our work

Providing a digital asset that outperforms competition everywhere

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Our work

Di Lucca is a restaurant that remains one of the most traditional and renowned Italian restaurants in Bogotá.

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Our work

Taking customers service to the next level

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Our work

Strengthening the digital power of our ally

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Googlebot will follow links in JavaScript.

This includes JavaScript links coded with:

Despite Google’s apparent improvements at crawling JS, they still require everything that manipulates a URL to be a link , essentially in an “a” container. In tests on pagination, we’d supported paging using events on spans, which moved forward and backward through the list of events, and a pagination list at the bottom of the app, using similar logic.

everything that manipulates a URL to be a link

Interestingly, though, whilst Google can render JS reasonably well, it’s not yet trying to understand the context of that JS.

When we Vans Era UnisexAdults LowTop Trainers Grey Monochrome gGqoQzoy
, we were able to see that they weren’t attempting to poke the pagination list, despite that it looks like pagination (albeit at that point without links). What we’ve been able to infer from further testing of this is that while Google understands context from layout and common elements, it doesn’t yet try and fire JS events to see what will happen.

Anything that manipulates URLs needs to still be dealt with using links, with the link in the anchor of that link.

Anything else risks Google not assigning weight, or not crawling to the right page at all. this is potentially a situation that an inexperienced SEO might not spot and it’s a lot more common a solution for a JS developer than an SEO might prefer.

Googlebot has a maximum wait time for JS rendering that you should not ignore.

In our tests we found that content that took longer than 4 seconds to render or content that would not render until an event was fired by a link not in an “a” container, did not get indexed by Google.

The AJAX crawling scheme introduced by Google as a way of making JavaScript driven web pages accessible for indexing is finally being deprecated in Q2 of 2018 . This should cause few surprises given the first announcement was made back in 2015 , but with a further 3 years of ‘planning’ it’s now coming to an end.

It’s important to bear in mind of course that Google isn’t the only search engine, and others still rely heavily on this pre-rendered view to crawl and extract what is relevant. By that I mean even social networks such as Twitter and Facebook rely on plain HTML to utilise relevant meta tags.

An found that only Google and Ask could properly index JavaScript generated content:

Google can render and crawl JS sites. This, however is no guarantee that the outcome will be an SEO friendly, perfectly optimised site. Technical SEO expertise is needed, especially during testing. This will ensure that you have an SEO friendly site architecture, targeting the right keywords. A site that continues to rank despite the changes made in Google’s crawl.

In my opinion, it’s better to retain tighter control of what’s being rendered by serving Google a pre-rendered, flat version of your site. This way, all the classic rules of SEO apply and it should be easier to detect and diagnose potential SEO issues during testing.

We are sorry, but your web browser is out of date. Please visit Browse Happy to see a full range of browsers.


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A bold and extrovert combination, inspired by high-tech and contemporary sportswear. Vibrant Lime Essence injects an extra boost of energy to the sporty silhouette, reinforced by the efficient and lightweight characteristics of Carbon Fibre.

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This configurator is intended as a guide only and the designs, specifications or colours are subject to change.For full specification details please consult your Aston Martin dealer.

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